Gunners are Goners!

160814-205-Arsenal_Liverpool-1024x584.jpgAfter another dismal start to the new Premier League season which has seen Arsene Wenger’s side pick up just a single point from their opening two games against Liverpool and Leicester City they’re top four stay could be in jeopardy.

It has always been a certainty that Arsenal would make the top four year in year out. Fans were unhappy that their once invincible Arsenal side would now simply settle for a top four place, but now they should be worrying that even that might be history.

Long gone are the days where Arsenal would start the Premier League season as title favorites. Their powerhouse side that included the likes of Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Thierry Henry and co may never be matched again by any Premier League side but Arsenal haven’t even got close to replacing these invincible’s with any sort of quality that would help sustain the legacy they created.

Arsenal’s issue is they are being rotted by the men behind the glass window at the top of the club. The phrase more money than sense couldn’t be more appropriate for the Arsenal hierarchy.

Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis have poisoned this club to the roots and I cant see it getting better anytime soon. These two men have no idea what damage they are doing to this once great clubs reputation, all they see is the dollar signs.130612420-arsenal-agm-590x900.jpg

Kroenke is a clever man. He knows next to nothing about football and always lurks in the background out of the way when the heat is on and lets manager Arsene Wenger take all of the stick. As for Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis his ambitions are all over the shot. Hes a man full of false promises and bullshit lets be honest.

After Leicester won the title last season he stated this year that his club should take a leaf out of Leicester’s transfer dealings and explaining how Arsenal may be missing out on French talent in Ligue 2. I’m sure this pleased Arsenal fans no end hearing his sky high ambition for the new season.

My favorite response from an Arsenal fan on twitter has to be this one. “Those Gazidis quotes. I fucking hate the man. Him and Kroenke are poison.”

Sums the situation up perfectly.

It is no secret though that Arsene Wenger is being given the money to invest in new players but the Frenchman seems reluctant to let loose on the market. Its like he think’s its coming out of his own account.

I have my own theory on why Arsene is so reluctant to pay the big money that is required to entice the talent the side needs. Alan-Shearer.jpg

Wenger has been at Arsenal since 1996 making this his 20th season in charge. If we rewind back to 1996 the biggest transfer sum in that year saw Alan Shearer the all time Premier League top scorer join Newcastle United from Blackburn Rovers for £15million. Fast forward to this season and we have now just seen Paul Pogba join Manchester United for £89million.

You may ask why this is relevant to why Wenger is so tight with money. Well he’s seen a since being at Arsenal and after doing a bit of research I found out that his invincible starting XI was worth £52.85m. Thierry Henry was brought for just £11m and Wenger looks at the Pogba situation like this, is Pogba worth 8 Thierry Henry’s? Anyone with a brain knows he’s not but times move forward and money has become somewhat a commodity now thanks to the size of the Premier League.

Wenger is living with the mindset that he can find another side like he had in 2003-04 again for the same price but its just not happening.

This Arsenal side have needed a world class striker since they lost Bergkamp and Henry but Wenger is unwilling to spend the big money on the best players. There were lots of rumors linking Gonzalo Higuain to the Emirates but the £75m price tag put them off and he finally joined Juventus.

Although I did find Wengers comments after the Leicester game amusing about English defenders it pretty much highlights the issue.

Wenger stated “Rob Holding had a great game at the back,you should be happy hes young and English but because he’s not worth £50m you wont think hes good.”john-stones-1024x576.jpgHis comments were clearly having a dig at Manchester City for paying £50m for John Stones from Everton but it did indicate he is unwilling to spend big money because he feels he can get the same player from a League One side in Bolton. 

Now im not saying Rob Holding wont be a good signing but it doesn’t really set a statement that they want to win the Premier League does it.

In my opinion Arsenal need a fresh start. Wipe everything clean and rebuild from the top. For me it would be sad to see Wenger go but for Arsenal I dont think they have much choice now. They need a fresh direction and he’s not the man to bring it otherwise they can say goodbye to Champions League football.



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