Don’t Paul the plug on Pogba!


In a deal that is likely to be the biggest ever in footballing history Paul Pogba could be on the brink of returning to the place he once called home. Old Trafford.

If reports are correct the 23 year old French international could be in line to smash the transfer record with a move that could set Manchester United back a staggering £100 million pounds.

Brexit or not that is more than enough money to make hearts skip a beat or two but pulling out of this Pogba deal is not an option. 1261650_620x410.jpg

Since the arrival of new manager Jose Mouriniho Manchester United have done more than there fair share of dealings in the transfer market. Signing Eric Bailly a young, promising centre back from Villareal, Henrik Mkhitaryan from Borrusia Dortmund and the self proclaimed “god” himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a free agent.

But Mouriniho has made it clear that their is still one missing piece to the puzzle stating “We cannot relax until we have the fourth singing complete.”

This looks very clear now to be Juventus star Paul Pogba who left Manchester United at the age of just 18 where his first team chances were limited to a minimum playing just three games. The youngster refused to sign a new contract and instead chose to kick start his career in Turin and what a choice that has turned out to be.

All Manchester United fans must kick themselves when they realize that they lost one of the best midfield players in the world on a free agent who has now progressed into a world beater. It must be a bitter pill to swallow that he was sold for nothing and now he could be returning for £100m!

There are a few questions that could be floating around with this deal including, is anyone worth that money? Why did they let him go in the first place? and why join a side that doesn’t have Champions League football?

Well I will answer them for you. £100 million pounds seems and obscene amount and we cannot deny that football prices are astronomically steep but with the amount of money floating around the Premier League impreticular at the moment after the new TV deal this wasn’t really a surprise for me to see clubs willing to spend big this summer.

It is crazy to see how much players values have increased even in the last 5-10 years. If Paul Pogba was around 20 yeas ago he might be worth between £5-£10m at the most.

Paul-Pogba-Man-United.jpgNow Manchester United never actually got rid of Pogba it was more like they forced his hand. Pogba knew what a great player he could be and felt that he was being underestimated at Old Trafford. Playing just three games and being handed a rather insulting new contract offer was the final straw for the powerhouse midfielder who knew it was time to move on.

They never sold him to Juventus he just became a free agent as he refused to sign a new contract something that Sir. Alex Ferguson was left more than unhappy about.

The contract offer he is meant to pocket this time around though is much more lucrative and it has been estimated that it could see him earn up to £300,000 per week. That would make him Manchester United’s highest paid player by some margin.

This could have something to do with the fact that he is willing to play Europa League football next season instead of Champions League with his current club Juventus and another interested party Real Madrid.

Now a £100m transfer fee and £300,000 in wages would surely make you think twice about this deal but you have to take the risk on this one. keane-ans-scholes-008.jpgManchester United have been screaming out for a world class central midfielder since the departureof Roy Keane and Paul Scholes and this is their opportunity to finally fill the void.

Not only is Pogba possibly the best midfielder in the world at the moment he also has youth on his side and it would certainly sent out a statement to the other Premier League sides. A major signing like this would show the footballing world that Manchester United are back and they mean business.

Pogba would be a huge part in the jigsaw Manchester United are building under Jose Mourinho to once again try and conquer everything before them.

If United let this super star slip out of their grasps once again they are certainly going to live to regret this major opportunity that got away.

Ed Woodward get the chequebook out bite your tongue and get the Manchester United fan’s back on their feet again.

After all they probably deserve a treat after the last few seasons.


Get in touch by leaving your comments on this potential Paul Pogba move. It is a good signing? Are you a happy Manchester United fan or even a fan of another Premier league club who is worried about the move? Let me know.


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