Can Mouriniho make United great again?


When Jose Mouriniho was confirmed as Manchester United manager a big sigh or relief was let out. The glory years could now return to this prestigious club under the helm of the Special One.

The last few years in every Manchester United’s fans life have been something to forget about to say the least. Mr. Louis Van Gaal took over and promised how his philosophy would restore Manchester United to the top. Instead United continued their demise and their identity was lost.

But everyone knows that Jose Mouriniho is one of the best if not the best manager in the game and his self proclaimed title of “The Special One” is more than justified in what he has achieved in his managerial career. He has won the league at every club he has managed 0777121001463260809_filepicker.jpgwinning La Liga, Serie A, Liga Portugase and of course the Premier League with Chelsea. But even with this impressive CV he has had to wait this turn in the Old Trafford cue.

It has been no secret that for some years now Mouriniho has wanted the Manchester United job after the departure of the greatest manager the game has seen in Sir Alex Ferguson.

Mourinho said: “It is a job everyone wants but I have it and I know the responsibility, expectation and legacy of this club and what the fans expect of me.”

“I can not deny I am frustrated we are not in the Champions League, Manchester United is a Champions League club.”

The Red Devil fans have been left frustrated and angry at the dismal style of play that their side have produced in the post Fergie years. Manchester United was always a club known for their attacking prowess and ability to score goals for fun. This iconic style of play though seemed to leave along with Sir Alex.

Now Manchester United fans want to see a new bold approach that will once again lift them off their seats and restore the identity of this great football club.

Mouriniho said: “I was never good at hiding behind philosiphy’s I was always much more aggressive in my approach and the risks that it can bring.”

“I prefer to be aggressive and say we want to win and I can anticipate you will ask about style of play and I will say you can win a short competition or a couple of matches playing well but you cannot win competitions not playing well.”

“What is playing well? It is scoring more goals than your opponents or conceding less and we want the fans behind us”jox.jpg

Some people have claimed that Jose’s best years are behind him after what could only be described as a horror of a season at Chelsea. But Mouriniho was quick to highlight the record of other rival managers.

“There are some managers that last time they won a title was 10 years ago or never. I won one a year ago so if I have a lot to prove imagine the others.”

“I want to forget about the last years and aim as high as possible. I am a young manager but I was in trouble the last five months and it was a disaster.”

Jose will have to do some work in the market though to turn United’s fortunes around.It is no understatement that Manchester United’s squad is certainly one of the weakest we have seen in a long time. With real depth and quality missing in many key areas across the field it is important that new players are brought in to build this great club again.

Mouriniho seem’s to have very clear plans with players he wants to make this United side title contenders.

“We made a list of four priorities to give a balance to the squad and a certain push for quality that I need and want.”

“From these four we have three at the moment but we are working hard on the fourth.”

Although new signings are needed at United some would argue that this shuts the door on the young talent coming through at Old Trafford. Many of Manchester United’s greatest players have come through the Carrington youth set up including Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes Gary Neville and David Beckham and Mouriniho isn’t the most well known at promoting youth players.rashford-celeb-large_trans++2oUEflmHZZHjcYuvN_Gr-bVmXC2g6irFbtWDjolSHWg.jpg

The emergence of young Marcus Rashford has lit up the Premier League and highlighted to young English talent that it is possible to make it at the highest level and it will be important that Mouriniho helps to develop and give players like Rashford a chance.

“You know how many young players I have promoted? 49.” We are speaking about big name players who are in the Euro’s or have Champions League winner’s medals, It is a lie and is not true that I do not promote the youth.”

“Sometimes you promote players because you have injuries and have no choice and when you are not playing for big targets it is easier to bring them up away from the tough moments.”

Jose certainly has his fair share of flaws and traits that aren’t appealing to everyone but you cannot deny he gets results. His positivity and drive is something that hasn’t been seen at Old Trafford for many years now and the United faithful must trust in the Special One to deliver.




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