England squad thoughts!


Dear Roy,

You gave yourself another week to think carefully over your squad for the upcoming Euro’s and we respected that you would make the correct judgement given how long you’ve had to prepare,yet you still managed to overlook some of the best English talents this season.mark-noble

How did you manage to do that Roy? I mean you were even at the last game ever at Upton Park to see Mark Noble completely dominate the midfield against Manchester United as he has been doing all season and you still dont give him a chance.

Instead you pick Fabian Delph who has started just 8 games all season for Manchester City and missed most of it through injury. Don’t get me wrong I think Delph is a good player but he hasn’t performed this year like Mark Noble has so why are you still not giving him a chance?

ANOTNIO.jpgIts not rocket science Roy you said yourself “I will be picking players on how they perform.” Seems to me you’ve only picked Delph because he plays for Manchester City. Because looking at stats which you clearly haven’t Noble is by far and away the better of the two.Speaking of stats how did you manage to miss the fact that Michael Antonio has more Premier League goals and assists than Lallana, Sterling and Townsend who are all in the squad? I mean come on Roy anyone would think you just HATE West Ham. 

Yes this is Antonio’s first season in the Premier League after spending most of his career in the Championship, but why should that matter? You’ve picked Andros Townsend over him and he’s heading down to the Championship with Newcastle after an awful season.So what is the logic here?

I know your a big fan of both Delph and Townsend and that used to be okay when we had very little depth to the squad but now that we have better replacements you cant keep them in when they dont deserve it. Marcus-Rashford-648510.jpg

Now I am a massive fan of Marcus Rashford dont get me wrong. He’s certainly going to be one for the future but its to early for him now. Yes he has played well for Manchester United and has brought something new to a team that is quiet frankly awful but does he deserve a place over a 16 goal season Jermaine Defoe?

Without Defoe Sunderland would’ve been down in January and he is one of the best English strikers when it comes to being in the right place at the right time. He’s clinical Roy!

Another issue I have with our front line is that it is lacking a plan B. If the flowing passing football that we like to play isn’t working what do we do? We’ve not got a real target man in the side that can be a danger at set pieces. Andy Carroll could’ve been that man? DEFOE AND CAROOL.png

Although he is injury prone so is Jack Wilshere but you have faith in him. I just feel Carroll would’ve brought something a little different to the side and he could’ve been a real weapon for us late in games. His power and aerial ability are second to none and i’m surprised hes not in the 26 man squad.

Its not all bad though Roy so keep your three chins up. I am happy with the goalkeeping choices,and the 7 defenders you have taken are exactly what I had wanted. p.s.  I wouldn’t recommend starting Stones in an important game because he is a bit of a liability at the moment.

The midfield is strong in central areas and I am happy that Jack Wilshere is there because we all know what he can do in an England shirt. Especially that screamer against Slovenia! Wilshere is calm and will work hard in that midfield for us when the going is tough. He also can pick a pass and unlock defences at will so well done on his selection. 

One major problem I have seen in the team is this though. THERE’S NO WIDTH!

You’ve picked Sterling and Townsend as the only two wide players in the side? What are walcottyou thinking! They’ve both had awful seasons and I will forgive the Sterling selection because he has potential and we’ve seen he can perform before but Townsend is just a NO!

Due to the lack of width in the team I am expecting you to keep Townsend in the final 23 which is outrageous when he shouldn’t even be in the 26 but taking him out would leave just Sterling as a natural wide player. You should’ve taken Walcott. Pace in abundance against tiring defences late on would be lethal.

Anyway go win the Euro’s for us now and prove me wrong in your selection!

p.s. If there is a next time you do this, which is doubtful, pick Mark Noble and you will be a hero across the land!


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