Breaking News- Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea

eva carneiroBreaking News: Carneiro confirms Chelsea Exit 

News has just emerged that Chelsea club doctor Eva Carneiro has left Chelsea after coming under heavy criticism from manager Jose Mouriniho.

The incident occurred in a match between Chelsea and Swansea. Chelsea at the time were already down to 10 men in the match after keeper Thiabout Courtios was sent off when Eden Hazard signaled to the bench for some treatment. The referee waved the club doctor Eva Carneiro onto the field to help the stricken Hazard who was clearly in some pain. As a result of the player receiving treatment he then had to leave the field of play to comply with Premier League rules. This left Chelsea with just 9 men on the field and Jose Mouriniho was far from happy about this and made sure that he made his feelings known.

After the game Mouriniho told reporters that his medical staff were “Impulsive and Naive” he then went on to say “If you are a kit man, doctor or secretary on the bench you must understand the game”

Mouriniho’s comments did not go down well with many people surrounded in the game and he found himself trying to justify his actions to many reporters and journalists who were shocked by Mouriniho;s outburst. Player safety is of up most importance and for Mouriniho to be seen to discourage this is a really bad sign. ” You have to know you have one player less and to assist a player you must be sure he has a serious problem. I am sure Eden did not have a problem. He had a knock. He was tired.”

mad jose

Peter Bruckner who is now Australia crickets team doctor said when speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live “Mouriniho has shown a significant lack of respect.” The former Liverpool doctor says that he “should apologise” to Eva Carneiro.

A doctor would never tell a manager how to set his team up or what formation he should go with so why can Mouriniho tell the doctor how to do her job. She was publically humiliated by Mouriniho in the event and this was totally unneeded.

A feud between Mouriniho and Carneiro had now begun with The Chelsea doctor taking to Facebook to post ” I would like to thank the general public very much for their overwhelming support. Really very much appreciated.” Obviously this tweet was never going to go down well with the Chelsea manager and relations were always looking to be all but over from this point.

When Mouriniho came out the next day and stood by his decision to criticise Carneiro an exit looked imminent. More than a month on from that and with Carneiro still not back on the Chelsea bench the news broke today of her resignation.

With Carneiro’s resignation I think it sends out a strong message that however big a manager’s ego is and how powerful they think they are they cant talk to their staff in any way they want. Mouriniho is going to come under harsh scrutiny in the next couple of days for allowing this to happen. Carneiro was a popular figure at the club and this is going to cause even more problems for a Chelsea team that is already finding it hard going this season.



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