Deadline Day – The Frustrations as an Arsenal Fan

DEAD! line day for Arsenal Fans 

no-money1Transfer Deadline day is always a day full of excitement for all football fans. The back and forth rumors and last minute deals that sneak through from club to club its all part of the excitement for the new season.

Everyone loves a new club signing who could be the difference for their team. The big deals are always great talking points for fans of clubs and it helps to build up even more hype around the Premier League. There’s always drama and this is what makes it great. Every club supporter loves the deadline day right! Or do they?

Now every premier league club signed at least 5 new players in this transfer window except from one side. Arsenal. They made just one signing this summer and that was in the form of goalkeeper Petr Cech. Now as an Arsenal fan signing just one player wouldn’t be a problem if they thought that they had a team that could win the title but that’s just not the case. For many years now people have said that Arsenal need to sign a real quality central defensive midfielder which still hasn’t happened and a real goalscorer who can score them 30 goals a season.

They have been linked with the likes of Karim Benzema and Edinson Cavani but nothing materialized from that. As for the central defensive midfielder who they have needed for even longer there was just no attempt at all to go out and purchase one. Its not the fact that Arsenal don’t have the money because they do and Wenger has admitted this. This is what must be frustrating for an Arsenal fan.


Arsenal are already way off the front runners in the premier league of Manchester City but Wenger has made it adamant that his squad is good enough to be able to win the title. Many Arsenal fans disagree with this and they are finding it very frustrating in the fact that there manager is unwilling to spend the money that he has available to him. This has been a regular criticism of Wenger as Arsenal boss in the fact that he almost treats Arsenals money as his own. He is known for being to cautious with funds and this could eventually prove costly to his role at the club.

Now as I explained Arsenal have made no signings other than Petr Cech who they secured from Chelsea. The fact that the manager hasn’t gone out and spent some money improving the squad in areas which have been known as “weak links ” now for a while is hard for most Arsenal fans to understand. It is clear that the squad isn’t quite good enough to win the title yet as there start to the season shows. So why have Arsenal fans once again been disappointing by Wenger’s lack of desire when it comes to spending the cash.

I spoke to an Arsenal fan yesterday asking what his thoughts were on the fact that Arsenal once again did not do any business in this transfer window. He said “Please explain to me why we pay the most amount of money to watch our team and see the least amount of investment,How can an elite club get away with that”. He then explained ” It shows a lack of desire to compete for the premier league or the champions league, if the money is there to be spent it must be spent on what we need which was only 2 players”. “No more stadium excuse seems we truly have a 4th place mentality” said Sam Craig.


As you can see from those thoughts from an Arsenal fan they are losing patience in the idea that they are only good enough for a fourth place finish and nothing else. This is Arsenal football club one of the biggest clubs in the world that not that long ago were winning trophies and dominating on the world stage regularly. Many Arsenal fans are confused what has happened to that type of mentality.

He also stated how there can be no excuse about the cost of the stadium as the money to pay that off is now complete. Arsenal fans had that excuse thrown at them for long enough in why they hadn’t signed any new players which they handled well. But now they know that this is completed they see no reason why the club is holding back from spending some big money on world class talent that they need to make their team a success again.

Arsenal fans are going to to have to hope that they do have enough now until at least January before they can possibly improve their squad. Not purchasing any players when the money has been there to use could prove extremely costly to Arsene Wenger’s future at the club. If he doesn’t produce the results that everyone expects he is going to be first in the firing line.



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